Whether you have a week, a day or an hour, Camp can use your time.
Here are some opportunities to get involved.

Executive Committee:
set the short-term and long-term goals for Camp

History & Summary Subcommittee:
collect and document information on the history of Camp

Facilities Committee:
maintain and repair Camp facilities

Operations Subcommittee:
ensure the day-to-day needs of Camp are met

Ca pital Plan Subcommittee:
plan for the long-term needs of Camp

Finance & Resource Development Committee:
overseeing financial matters of Camp

Fundraising & Sales Subcommittee:
manage fundraising appeals and rental opportunities

Communication & Marketing Subcommittee:
relay information to the Camp community and explore new marketing opportunities

Program Committee:
develop and oversee the programs offered at Camp

Our current committee members are listed below.
If you are interested in joining one, please contact John Culhane at frostyculhane@yahoo.com

Executive Chairperson: John Culhane
Committee Members: Belinda Brasley, John Brasley, Cathy Houston-Wilson, Chris Hood, Dan Kelly, Gary Stevens, Fr. Joe Marcoux, John Bidell, Mark Mayton, Morgan Culhane, Bill Goodman, Sheri Kreher, Sheila Goodman, Tom Weise

History & Summary Chairperson: Vacant
Committee Members: John Bidell

Facilities Chairperson: Mark Mayton
Committee Members: John Bidell & Chris Hood

Operations Chairperson: Gary Stevens
Committee Members: John Culhane

Capital Plan Chairpersons: John Bidell & Chris Hood
Committee Members: John Culhane

Finance & Resources Chairperson: Tom Weise
Committee Members: John Culhane & Gary Stevens

Fundraising & Sales Chairperson: Cathy Houston-Wilson
Committee Members: Sheila Goodman

Communications & Marketing Chairperson: Emily Brasley
Committee Members: Brenda Abel, Ben Kelly, Julie & Chuck Swiderski

Programs Chairpersons: John & Belinda Brasley
Committee Members: Linda Mayton, Cathy Houston-Wilson, Lisa Garczynski