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Fr. Dave Mura

Born on November 25, 1944, to Herbert and Helen Mura, David W. Mura was destined to touch many lives in his 50 years on this earth.


Ordained on May 29, 1971, at Holy Trinity Church, Webster, Father Dave Mura celebrated his first Mass as a Roman Catholic Priest at Saint Lawrence Church, his home parish in Greece, NY. He was the first priest to be ordained out of Saint Lawrence. A year later, he celebrated his first ordination anniversary Mass in the Catacombs under Saint Peter Basilica in Rome, Italy. Great days for a great man who inspired so many.


In the late 1970's, Father Dave was leading a Family Camp program at Camp Stella Maris which was moved in the 1980's to Camp Koinonia. Under his stewardship, the camp began its current mission of providing a camp environment for family and personal renewal. Camp Koinonia was a labor of love for Father Dave, and he had many dreams and visions for this holy ground. He worked hard to foster the growth of these dreams to glorify God's name.


On May 2, 1995, God called his faithful servant David home. Father Dave's friends and family, including his beloved brother Stephen and sister Kathleen, miss him to this day. Although he was unable to see all of his dreams for Camp Koinonia come true while he was on this earth, we believe he is smiling down from heaven as Camp Koinonia continues this mission.


Father Dave's dreams were carried on thanks in large part to the leadership efforts of Rich and Sue Versluys, Deacon Andy and Helen Cohen, and Father Joe Marcoux. "And the dance goes on" today with the help of Gary and Carol Stevens, Deacon John and Belinda Brasley, Father Joe Marcoux, Father Tim Niven, Father John Loncle, our blessed angels from Grand Island and all those who hold a special place in their hearts and prayers for Camp Koinonia.


"The Dance Goes On"

Thank you Father Dave, we hope you are proud of all the lives that Camp Koinonia continues to touch.

Fr. Dave Mura
Board of Directors

Our All Volunteer

Board of Directors

& Committee Chairs

More Board Members & Committee Chairs

Colleen Trevisani, Vice-President

Strategic Planning and Resource Development Committee Chair

Everything we do stems from our Strategic Planning and Resource Development efforts.  If you'd like to help, email us.

Communication Committee Chair

If you'd like to help with camp communications, including Website and Social Media,  email us.


Fundraising Committee Chair

Raising funds for Camp is lots of fun!  Our annual operating budget of about $80,000 comes from two sources: Family Camp and Fundraising. Fundraising includes our Annual Friends of Koinonia Dinner and our Annual Appeal mailing.  If you'd like to help, email us.

Chuck Swiderski, Treasurer

Finance Committee Chair

If you'd like to help manage the financial records of Camp Koinonia, email

Aziza Benson, Secretary

Family Camp Committee Chair

Planning Family Camp is a big job with lots of sub committees including writing the program, staffing, registration, etc.  If you'd like to help with any part of the Family Camp Committee, email us.

Chris Offermann, Board Member

Family Camp Promotion Chair

If you have a heart for sharing about Camp, we could use your help to spread the word about Camp to potential families, priests and others. Email us.

John Bidell, Board Member

Facilities Committee Chair

Managing the buildings and grounds projects and repairs of Camp is no easy task!  If you'd like to help, email us.

Julie Swiderski, Board Member

Registration Committee Chair

The registration committee helps make sure that everyone gets signed up for Camp.  If you'd like to help, email us.

Nominating Committee Chair

The nominating committee helps make sure that no one person works too hard to keep Camp running smoothly by finding people to help out in a variety of ways.  If you'd like to help, email us.

Lisa Garczynski, Board Member

Operations Committee Chair

The Operations Committee runs the day-to-day operations including Staffing, Payroll, Insurance, General Maintenance, and Opening and Closing tasks.  If you'd like to help manage this big job, email us.

Kerri Nowak

G Suite Administrator

If you'd like to help manage our G Suite, email us.

Katrina Hossenlopp, Board Member

Mark Mayton, Board Member

Dee Dee Rutigliano, Board Member

Fr. Tim Niven, Board Member, Honorary

Fr. Joe Marcoux, Board Member, Honorary

Koinonia History

Family, Faith & Fun for Generations to Come

In 1957, Camp Koinonia was developed as a summer youth camp. Camp Koinonia included four sleeping cabins, each accommodating 12 people; a picnic pavilion; a main lodge, including dining room, kitchen, recreation hall, and office; four additional cabins, each accommodating 8 people; a chapel; a swimming pool with shower houses; an infirmary; a camping area for tents and campers; a shower house for the camping area; a craft lodge and a camp store.


Through 1974, Camp Koinonia was operated as a summer youth camp by the Evangelical United Brethren Church, Western New York Conference. Beginning in 1978, it was leased by various other organizations for summer family camp retreats, youth leadership institutes and summer recreation camps.

In the early 1980's, Camp Koinonia was offered for sale to a group of families who were committed to the philosophy that a strong family structure is essential to the moral and spiritual future of our society. These families have made significant financial and personal sacrifices to purchase and maintain this property. On March 6, 1984, the property was purchased by this group.


The group formed, organized and incorporated into Camp Koinonia, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York. Led by Father Dave Mura, this idea of a week-long retreat for families began to grow and continues to be a source of spiritual renewal.

The current board of directors is made up of a group of individuals dedicated to maintaining the vision and mission of the founding camp families.

If you have any information that can help us enrich our history of Camp Koinonia, please contact us. We love hearing your stories!

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