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Holy Helpers

Holy Helpers are people who join the staff at Family Camp to help make Camp run even better!  The most common Holy Helper job is to run the Camp Store in the afternoons and for evening socializing.  However, Holy Helpers can provide many other functions, like Camp photographer, Craft Lodge steward, Kitchen helper, and can sometimes provide aid to Campers with special needs.  

Holy Helpers also get to participate in all of the Camp programming and fun!  Holy Helpers need to be at least 18 years old, and have a personal reference from a Koinonia Family Camper.  They will be asked to complete the Creating a Safe Environment training required by the Diocese of Rochester plus a Holy Helper orientation (about 3 hours of training all together).

The fee is $150 to cover food expenses.

Depending on the week, we have room for 1 - 3 Holy Helpers (based on cabin space).  Holy Helpers are also welcome to bring their own Camper or tent.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Your application will be reviewed by the Program Staffing Committee.  If accepted, you will be assigned to a week based on your stated preference and program need.  The final step of the process is when your payment is received.

Please feel free to direct your questions to Cathy Wilson.

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