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Questions @ Koinonia

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

As a new family, we had several questions as we experienced Camp Koinonia for the first time, including:

Did anyone else know there would be a rainbow parachute welcome?

Since when are teenagers so excited about their faith?

Are people actually singing at Mass? (And wait, what are hand gestures?)

Are there really THAT many stars in the night sky?

The pool is really cold at 7:00 a.m. Is this the polar bear swim or the polar plunge?

This place is holy ground. Do families feel this connected to God every year?

Why is everyone so excited about camp capers?

What’s a ghost town walk?

Question box, question box, what’s inside the question box?

Why do I get so emotional at Mass?

Who’s it gonna be, who’s it gonna be, who’s it gonna be?

Are other families always this nice (...and kind…and generous…and faith-filled)?

Two words: square dancing?

When will my kids stop singing the songs from Camp?

Do we have to go home?

When can we go back?!

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