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Summer surprises and new growth

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Summer snuck out the back door. The solstice flew by. Camp feels a million miles away - even if it is really only 882 miles.

Four weeks of homeschool was in the books and the Quigley family was ready for a long weekend. Saturday morning we headed out the door bound for a new playground with the promise of a new adventure. The park was wrapped in caution tape. New plan, we headed to our favorite rock outcropping only to find it overwhelmed with families fishing. Frustration was at every turn. We walked back to our starting point discussing our frustrations and making plans to return on a day when not so many folks would be in the park.

Along the way these seedlings caught my eye. Small pine trees growing up from the rich soil of a rotting log. A log, long past its years of growing, so distant from its former glory - It continues to feed and support its community.

So we headed to the shore of the lake to find turtles and play on some large rocks. We inquired when the cool park will be opening. We found our way to grow in the fertile soil of the park, replacing frustration with repeated experiences. All the while Emma was singing, “I send you out on a mission of love….and know that I’ll be with you always, until the end of the world.”

Wherever you find yourself, near or far from Family Camp, may you be fed by the rich soil you are planted in. May you know the love of your community that is restarting their adventures daily, just like you. You can grow here. We are called to grow here. God will feed your roots and help you grow.

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